You Are My Cherry On Top


Just keeping the love going all month long.  You are my cherry on top, the frosting to my cake, the peanut to my butter, the butter to my popcorn, the sprinkles to my cupcake… making me better in every way.  Celebrate Love.  Happy February.

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The Life of a Creative Mama

It’s no secret that raising “littles” is a challenge. It is the most rewarding, amazing, fun, silly, crazy, hard, loud, and busy challenge. But through the crazy beautiful mess of this mama’s life, I have learned to try my hardest to focus my experiences and use them to inspire me. The little busy moments, the running around to appointments, mama’s taxi service, oh and mama the chef, and the billions of sweets hugs, kisses and cuddles have painted my life with more color than any other experience. I am truly blessed and that is the greatest inspiration.

Since I am a mommy who happens to be a creative I try to encourage my littles to artistically express themselves & it is an amazing blessing to watch their imaginations flourish.  I keep crayons, markers, paper & Legos always available and at their level so they can get colorful & creative whenever they feel the urge.  I plaster their most current masterpieces on the fridge, it’s a hot mess but they love it.  And trust me, every scribble is their BEST work so I LOVE seeing their little faces light up with excitement to see their own work hung.

Below is a recent project we did, the kids feel so proud and were all smiles at their work. I gave them canvases and watercolors and they had a blast getting messy.  The final results came out pretty amazing.  While the paint dried I asked them what kind of ocean animal they wanted their mama to draw for them and we went on an Internet hunt to find the perfect picture.  They each picked one out and while they slept I drew their animals. Boy oh boy were they excited to see the final pieces. If they are happy then I am happy.

watercolorwhale happyoctopus

Are you a creative parent??  In what ways do you keep your children creative??

Thanks for reading.  Stay Artsy Fartsy.

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Boxes and Packing Tape

We've Moved!!

So I just moved and for the past few months my life has mainly consisted of packing and purging, frustration and waiting and a lot of boxes, newspaper and packing tape. And although I am relieved to get my normal back, I am much more excited to get back to my creative self. I feel as though everything has been on hold. You know, life happens and you have to take a step back and prioritize and sometimes the creative self has to be shelved for a bit. As frustrating as that seems it happens often but I believe the important thing is to make sure you don’t let your creativity collect dust. As for me, I will be spending some time organizing my office, my time and my projects. That’s honestly my favorite part because I know I can function like a well-oiled machine when I am organized and on track. So cheers to fresh starts, organization, and creative excitement.

Stay Artsy Fartsy.

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