Happy October


Here’s to pumpkin spice everything, scary decorations, a ton of candy and dressing up.  Here’s to cooler weather, comfy outfits, Ugg boots, leggings, fall colors, falling leaves, wind in the hair and gatherings with good friends.  Here’s to the start of the holiday season and always having love in your heart, a smile on your face and God in your life.


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In honor of the recent Super Bowl and the big winners.  The game, the performance and the commercials are always so fun to watch.  I love it all.  It inspired me.

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Recycled Art

Happy May!


I have a habit of keeping a lot of my children’s painting, colorings & doodles. I actually have more pieces of colorful paper than I care to admit. And as part of another goal to bring more color to our stark walls by adding our personal art I came up with this idea of mixing the kid’s art with my crafting, a bit of artsy recycling. It was fairly simply and didn’t require many tools.

All you need are:

Scrap piece of wood

Paint or stain



Some sort of paper art

Frame hanger

Here’s what you do:

Paint or stain your wood – set aside to dry then attach frame hanger to back

Cut your art up & arrange it in a shape of your choice – glue it to the board

Carefully hammer the thumbtacks along the border of your art

And voila… custom recycled art.

Now hang it and enjoy!