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I teamed up with the awesome Briana Christine author of The Creative calling book and the lovely voice and genius behind the Creative Calling Podcast.

We want everyone to know how important seasonal marketing is. So we have designed a webinar that can help spruce up your brands social media and take advantage of what’s trending this season. Autumn is Coming… Is your business ready?

Contact me and let’s walk through this with you.

Let’s talk Graphic Design.

Cheers… Kat


Carmen Navarro Designs

Recently I attended the grand opening event of The Party Studio owned by Carmen Morin of Carmen Navarro Designs. Carmen is an event stylist. She is a talented designer and has had her work featured in magazines and on party blogs. She is a strong businesswoman, educated in the arts, professional, and not to mention she is a big sweetheart. I am elated for her continued success in her field. So I happily attended her event. When I walked in, everywhere I turned in the studio there was something handcrafted and meticulously decorated. It was truly a feast for the eyes. There were fancy decorated cookies made to look like mascara and lipstick and eye shadow, colorful macaroons on golden cake stands, a lovely layered cake and these giant hand crafted paper flowers adorning a gold and light pink wall. There were glam and sparkle table clothes, gold inspirational quotes, colorful hand-made tassels for sale, beautiful vintage furniture, and cake stands galore. The whole studio was serene and inspirational. I seriously was in heaven. She also rents out some of her equipment. From dessert tables to entire events, she takes care of the whole look and styles everything to perfection. She is truly creative. Please visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook @CarmenNavarroDesigns


I believe in the importance of joining the creative conversation.  Surround yourself with people who share your artistic vision, lift you up to be better and inspire you.  Find your people and share your love for art.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers.

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Soccer Logo

The client, Fútbol Club Menifee, an AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) local soccer region, requested an update to a patch design previously used by the team, something new yet recognizable and fresh. This logo will be branded on all team attire, website & merchandise. I was happy to design for a client that embraces the passion in children and guides them towards fun and healthy competition.  Go FC Menifee!