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Boxes and Packing Tape

We've Moved!!

So I just moved and for the past few months my life has mainly consisted of packing and purging, frustration and waiting and a lot of boxes, newspaper and packing tape. And although I am relieved to get my normal back, I am much more excited to get back to my creative self. I feel as though everything has been on hold. You know, life happens and you have to take a step back and prioritize and sometimes the creative self has to be shelved for a bit. As frustrating as that seems it happens often but I believe the important thing is to make sure you don’t let your creativity collect dust. As for me, I will be spending some time organizing my office, my time and my projects. That’s honestly my favorite part because I know I can function like a well-oiled machine when I am organized and on track. So cheers to fresh starts, organization, and creative excitement.

Stay Artsy Fartsy.

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Recycled Art

Happy May!


I have a habit of keeping a lot of my children’s painting, colorings & doodles. I actually have more pieces of colorful paper than I care to admit. And as part of another goal to bring more color to our stark walls by adding our personal art I came up with this idea of mixing the kid’s art with my crafting, a bit of artsy recycling. It was fairly simply and didn’t require many tools.

All you need are:

Scrap piece of wood

Paint or stain



Some sort of paper art

Frame hanger

Here’s what you do:

Paint or stain your wood – set aside to dry then attach frame hanger to back

Cut your art up & arrange it in a shape of your choice – glue it to the board

Carefully hammer the thumbtacks along the border of your art

And voila… custom recycled art.

Now hang it and enjoy!

Color Matters

Hi y’all.

This is a double post today.  Because of annoying and frustratingly horrible glitches on WordPress I have to double post.  But I am not complaining.  I love the fact that I can link my two blogs.  For those of you who don’t know, I am the Creative Director for Think Kings Creative Studio, a think tank with hopes to guide fellow creatives to productivity and who aspires to be an indie publishing studio when we grow up.  I am honored and humbled to work along side my co-founders and fellow awesome engineers… Perry Covington @ and and Q @ We are all from different backgrounds, I was recruited because of my graphic design skills but surprised the group when I announced that I was writing a children’s book.  We are all creatives and we inspire each other.  Our topic this week was a creative how to, I decided on my favorite thing in the whole wide world… color.  I mean what girl doesn’t love being able to play with brights and pastels and neutrals in their wardrobe or the decor feng shui in their home or the pop or harmony of the colors on a page.  So grab a coffee and stay awhile…  Let’s get colorful.

Color is an important visual design element and should be considered for every brush stroke on a canvas, word on a page or the subject in the lens. It can evoke certain emotional responses, balance the whole composition, grab the viewer’s attention, and even energize or calm them. To understand these can help you layout a more effective design, situate your subjects in the best locale, compose an eye popping collage or use colorfully descriptive words in the next love scene or mystery plot twist. Whatever the reason color is an immensely important tool to have in your creative arsenal.


Yellow is the color of the sun; it evokes the feeling of happiness and energy. The above graphic is simple and uncluttered and playful, the color perfectly enriches the meaning.


Orange is the color of the orange fruit and a fresh citrus scent comes to mind. The bright color and the fresh scent are rejuvenating and optimistic. Orange is the combination of the colors red (a passionate color) and yellow (a cheerful color). The above graphic is bold in size but the psychology behind the bold and energetic color used only serves to enhance the message.


Would a typical child be happy with a birthday party that had all grey and black balloons? Most likely the answer to that question is No (unless the party was themed for Batman haha!). The brighter the colors and the more it resembles the child’s princess doll or superhero action figure the more excitement and appeal you will evoke in that child.  The lesson to learn here is that in order to be effective you must know your target audience (who are you trying to reach with your design, story, song, painting, etc.) and understand what they like and why.

Arm yourselves with the knowledge that will propel you forward in your creative path.  This is what we aim for at Think Kings, to foster creative growth.  Consider color theory when you are in the creative business and are looking to hire a young, up & coming, recently graduated, freshly optimistic and awesomely cool graphic designer (wink wink!) to design your company logo (or business cards, flyer, social media ad, company thank you cards, etc.), the décor & paint inside your studio, while doing your research and looking for inspiration or even designing the cover to your book.

Color is all around us, everywhere, find the beauty in it, understand it and it will only enhance your endeavors.

Now go forth and Create a Better Reality.

Here are 2 colorful resources to help you on your journey.

Thanks for reading…