Through his eyes

BB'sInspirationInspiration.  It can come from anywhere and in the case of the photo above, my awesomely talented and extremely adorable nephew was inspired by the great outdoors.  And because I am one proud Auntie, I wanted to show off his photography skills as proof that creative ideas can come from anywhere.  I encourage you to unplug, get outside, take a breathe, look around and get inspired.


Now go forth and create.

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Paint, Pattern & Polka Dots @ The Park

At The ParkPumped up kids playing at the park surrounded by paint, pattern & polka dots.

A beautiful day at the park with my littles and there was so much for the eyes to feast on.  There were the bright colors, the faded/ cracked/ sun drenched texture, the wonderful pattern & oh boy do I LOVE polka dots (they were on my wedding cake, true story) And of course I love playing around with a little alliteration.  Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, so get out there and find yours.

Happy Creating…

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Moving Forward

Make Time To Get Messy

Is it just me or has November whizzed by??  I am busy busy over here trying to get things ready for my shoppe & working on putting together my office/command center/awesome central/ the place where the magic happens.  Throw Christmas into the mix & now I have Christmas cards to design & I am trying something new this year, cannot wait to show them off.  Basically I am trying to keep moving forward toward completing my goals, mentioned HERE.

The day I took this photo my hands were covered in paint & I had a smile from ear to ear.  It is just so fun & a great stress reliever to throw all planning aside and just be creative.  I am still attempting to take a moment each day to sketch, jot down a thought, paint, plan a fun project for my kids or just get plain messy with some crafting.  Try it, I dare ya.  Go ahead, get messy & as always…

Stay Creative.

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