The Flying Grizzly

Company Grade Office Council

I have had some amazing opportunities to work with some great groups lately.  This logo was created for the Company Grade Officer Council (CGOC) for the local air base.  An awesome group of servicemen and women who aim to help others.  The group wanted their iconic UAV center stage, however, while the details of the aircraft were essential, they needed to be simplified for this design.  Color had to be minimized as well because the end result was to be printed on shirts.  And YES, I know GRIZZLYS is misspelled, that spelling is a base tradition.  I was told the shirt color was tan and blue and grey should be part of the color palette.  Overall, I believe that the design has a simplified and clean look yet has a hint of iconic imagery through it’s patch like shape and retro minimalist appearance.  These are all qualities of the design challenge the client originally presented me with.  Challenge accepted and beat down.

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