Creative Cobwebs


This is a logo I created for a Yoga Instructor client.  She wanted to be connected with the logo so the figure silhouette is actually her in that pose and the colors we chose are variations of her favorite color.

Eating healthy & staying fit is something that is important to me because I spend many hours a day plopped at my desk creating graphic awesomeness.  Yoga is a great tool to have in your healthy and creative arsenol.  So if you are a creative who needs to stretch those muscles, physically and mentally, I highly recommend adding some Yoga into your routine.

Please visit Yoga Racheal’s website @

I just want to point out that sometimes it is necessary to free some space in your brain.  The way I do this is by staying organized, I literally take all of my “to do’s” and write them down.  I am a queen list maker.  The reason I love this is because as I am checking things off of my list (that I pin on a board above my desk) I see my goals being met one item at a time.  And that is a great feeling.  I know that I will always have things to do, being a freelance graphic designer I want to stay busy working with clients.  However, throughout the years I have learned that in order to stay creatively productive sometimes I need to take a moment or two to take a breath & refocus my thoughts.  It is always necessary to clear those creative cobwebs.

I hope my little insight was helpful.

Thanks for reading.

Now go forth and create some awesomeness of your own and remember to share your creativity to the world.


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